Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women, where time passes slowly and your dream vacation becomes a reality. Located just eight miles across the Bahia de Mujeres (Bay of Women) from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is only 5 miles long and half a mile wide at its widest point. The downtown area (Centro) of Isla is just four by six blocks. The average temperature is 80 degrees with 60% humidity and the hottest months are June thru September. 


Historically, Isla Mujeres is a fishing village and though it is now thoroughly discovered by tourists it still retains it's charm and tranquil atmosphere. As you stroll the streets in the evening you will see families gathered together in Caribbean styled homes, tucked between stores and restaurants, mending their fishing nets and relaxing. 


Isla restaurants, taxis and most stores operate on a cash-only basis. The best way to handle this, is to convert USD to pesos. You can either exchange USD to pesos at a money exchange downtown (you may need your passport), or get pesos by using your debit card at an ATM. You will get a better exchange rate either way than if you exchange money at the airport or if you pay dollars directly at a store or restaurant. 

It is best to tell your bank before you travel that you will be using your debit card in Mexico. As in the states or Canada, there has been some fraud from the ATM machines. If you use your ATM card, keep a close eye on your bank account when you return. It is recommended to change your ATM pin when you return home.


The main grocery store downtown, Super Aki, is located in the town square on Av. Morelos, between Hidalgo and Guerrero. Open 7 am – 9 pm.  There is also a Super Aki located in the La Gloria neighborhood.

Chedraui, is the biggest grocery store on the island. It is located mid-island across from the baseball field. It is similar to a Walmart. You can fine pretty much anything you need there and they have large beer/wine/liquor, organic and import sections.


A complete list of the required documents for getting married on Isla can be found at the Office of Tourism web site.

Sunhorse Weddings can help you plan the wedding of your dreams! Visit their website at  . Tiffany Lanier is the owner and she is amazing!!


Sabina is a licensed minister and offers her services in English, German and Spanish! Visit her website at


If you are wanting family portraits or wedding photography during your vacation to record your memories, contact:

Susan Pacek at

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Police -  Telefone: 877-0082, Emergencies dial 911


Laundry - Isla Mujeres has several Laundromats with 24-hour service located both downtown and mid-island.


Calling Isla Mujeres: The area code for Isla is 998 and all phone numbers are 7 digits. So, if you are calling from the United States you would dial: 011 (International code) 52 (country code) 998 (area code) and the 7 digit phone number. 


Calling home from Isla Mujeres: Most US cell phones will work in Isla – it is a good idea to call your provider before you go to Mexico and tell them you will be in the Cancun Mexico area and you want to make AND receive calls while there. The country code for the USA is 001. 


Calling Toll Free Numbers from Mexico: Dial 001 and then dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800. Dial 881 for an 888 number. Dial 882 for an 877number and dial 883 for an 866 number. For example, if the number is 1-800-555-5555, you would dial 001-880-555-5555.  


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